Disaster Recovery Litigation

WMC obtained a landmark jury verdict for whistleblowers who discovered fraud by a flood insurer after Hurricane Katrina.

Intellectual Property Litigation

WMC lawyers won a $26 million jury verdict for a U.S. tire company against Chinese and Dubai competitors that used stolen designs for industrial tires, and then WMC enforced the judgment.

Business and Financial Litigation

After a food ingredient supplier recalled a salmonella-contaminated product used by over 100 food producers and restaurant chains, WMC represented one of the world’s largest food companies and negotiated a global settlement.

Insurance Policyholder Advocacy

WMC obtained insurance coverage for leading private equity firms when they were accused of securities fraud, breaches of fiduciary duties, and antitrust violations.

Litigating Outside the Box

WMC recovered an impressionist masterpiece stolen from a Holocaust victim by Hitler’s art dealer.

You can count on us when the stakes are high. Whether it’s a $100 million loss to your company, theft of your invention, or fraud by an insurance company that prevents you and hundreds of your neighbors from rebuilding your hurricane-damaged homes, we take every case personally. We are ready to fight your adversaries and know how to win.