Lourdes J. Gómez Vedo


Lourdes J. Gómez Vedo

(787)399-5665 lgomez@wmclaw.com


  • J.D., Inter-American University, San Juan, PR
  • B.A. in Political Science, Loyola University, New Orleans, LA

Bar Memberships

  • Puerto Rico

Lourdes is currently an attorney in the WMC San Juan office where she has been assigned to residential cases, defending plaintiffs and expert’s depositions. She is an accomplished attorney with extensive personal property and casualty litigation experience. She is a trusted advisor who helps individual and business clients navigate the unique Puerto Rican legal system, as well as the government bureaucracy that accompanied the hurricane relief efforts.

Lourdes’s areas of expertise include: Civil Litigation, Notary Public, Economic Recovery, Litigation, Legal Intake, Real Estate & Mortgages, Settlement Negotiations and Case Management. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Lourdes was in private practice prior to joining WMC in San Juan, PR where she advised clients on liability claims and personal injury from accidents that involved automobiles and motorcycles, slips and falls, and premises liability, as well as civil litigation. She counseled businesses and individuals on advisability of filing or defending lawsuits or pursuing legal rights and obligations. As a Notary Public, Lourdes served as an impartial witness to the execution of legal documents. She represented clients at administrative proceedings before government entities such as the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Lourdes was also Attorney Advisor General in the office of Disaster Assistance – Field Operations Center East as an Acting Loan Closing Agent, where she executed Secured Disaster Loan closing documents with Hurricane Maria survivors during early stages of the recovery. There she also notarized promissory notes, counseled borrowers and Case Managers on mortgage legal matters, collateral lien terms and conditions, insurance requirements, inheritance issues, garnishments, cancellation of debts, and Title Search instructions.

Lourdes researched secure lien legal questions specific to Puerto Rico law and local practices that included collateral’s sufficiency and compliance with the territory’s legal requirements. As an associate attorney Lourdes litigated multiple cases in State Court on behalf of plaintiffs.

At Ortiz Toro and Ortiz Brunet in San Juan, PR Lourdes practiced as an associate attorney where she represented plaintiffs in litigation before State Court. There she collaborated in Re: Rio Piedras Explosion, a complex litigation that extended from 1996 until 2003 and she worked cooperatively with a consortium of lawyers in Washington, D.C. as member of the Castano Tobacco Class Action Plaintiff’s Legal Committee.