Joshua B. Katz


Joshua B. Katz

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  • J.D., Tulane University Law School (2006)
  • Harvard Law School (visiting student) (Fall 2005)
  • B.A., George Washington University, cum laude (2002)

Bar Memberships

  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland


  • Panelist, Perrin Conferences: “Supply Chain Interruptions and Diminished Product Quality: Practical and Legal Issues Raised by the Covid-19 Pandemic” June 17, 2020 (with Andrew Lamb and Stephen Weisbrod).
  • Panelist, Maximizing Insurance Coverage and Federal Grants for Covid-19 Business Losses, PRHTA, April 28, 2020 (with Jim Hood and Lee Epstein)
  • Business Interruption Insurance for COVID-19 Losses, Industry Today, April 13, 2020 (with Lee Epstein).
  • Panelist, Perrin Conferences: Recovering from Covid-19 Insurance Coverage and Federal Grants, April 10, 2020 (with Lee Epstein and Jim Hood)
  • Expert Advice: How to Use Lawyers, Adjusters, and other Professionals to Maximize Your Condominium’s Insurance Claim After a Fire, Flood or other Natural Disaster, Puerto Rico Condominiums and Access Controls Association, December 7, 2018 (with José L. Nieto and Andrés W. López)
  • After the Storm: Maximizing Insurance Recoveries, Annual Conference for National Insurance Broker, September 2018.
  • Maximizing Insurance Payouts After A Natural Disaster, November 2018.
  • National Flood Insurance Program, Texas Trial Lawyers Association November 7, 2017.
  • New Approaches and Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims, First Party Claims Conference, October 2016.
  • Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches, GMA Litigation Conference, February 25, 2016.
  • Joint Defenses, Common Interests, and Adverse Interests Among Insurers, Policyholders, and Claimants, New York City Bar Association, January 2013 (with S. Weisbrod).
  • Twenty-Five Questions that Law Firms Should Ask About Their Malpractice Insurance, New York City Bar Association, July 2012 (with S. Weisbrod).

Joshua Katz is a partner at Weisbrod Matteis & Copley PLLC. The National Law Journal named Joshua Katz a 2018 Elite Boutique Trailblazer. Mr. Katz was selected for his work representing policyholders in insurance coverage disputes after natural disasters. He was the only insurance coverage lawyer selected.

Mr. Katz advises policyholders, on a variety of issues related to insurance coverage and strategic risk management. He assists his corporate clients in evaluating their existing insurance portfolios, procuring industry specific coverage, and recovering from insurers when significant losses occur. Mr. Katz has represented corporate policyholders with respect to a wide range of matters, including matters involving property damage, cyber liability, professional liability, and directors and officers liability. His practice includes clients from a wide range of industries, including hotels and condominiums, food and beverage companies, law firms, automotive manufacturers, technology companies, hedge funds and private equity firms.

Recently, Mr. Katz and his partner August Matteis lead WMC’s team that represented over 1,100 business owners and homeowners in FEMA’s Hurricane Sandy claims review process. After FEMA’s insurance companies were caught committing fraud and underpaying policyholders after Sandy, FEMA agreed to allow all policyholders to reopen their claims.

Rather than accepting FEMA’s second round of low-ball offers in the claims review process, WMC took the unprecedented approach of arbitrating over 1,000 claims over the past year to ensure that every one of its clients received a fair hearing and an opportunity to recover what was owed to them. WMC’s clients recovered an average of nearly four times what others received through the same review process.

Mr. Katz has extensive experience in insurance coverage disputes arising from damage caused by a natural disaster or other catastrophic event:

  • Representing the Attorney General of Mississippi in a series of lawsuits brought against insurance companies for committing systematic fraud and other illegal acts in the claims handling process after Hurricane Katrina that resulted in Mississippi paying hundreds of millions of dollars to homeowners that should have been paid by the insurance companies.
  • Representing hotels and condominiums in insurance coverage disputes stemming from damage caused by a natural disaster.
  • Representing a quasi-governmental entity in a dispute with FEMA over grant funds to repair flood damage to the municipality.
  • Representing numerous businesses and homeowners in property damage claims stemming from natural disasters, including over 1,200 homeowners and businesses in flood insurance claims stemming from Hurricane Sandy.
  • Representing property owners, including condominium associations, in insurance coverage disputes stemming from damage caused by a fire.
  • Representing commercial clients in insurance coverage disputes stemming from property damage caused by hail.
  • Representing a national food company in a dispute over damage to its product caused by a natural disaster.
  • Representing one of the nation’s largest providers of physical rehabilitation services in a property damage dispute arising after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Mr. Katz’s other insurance-related representations have included: Representing international food companies in insurance recovery efforts relating to claims and losses arising out of property damage incidents and incidents involving contamination of processed food products.
  • Advising an internet advertising company in the procurement of industry specific insurance, including cyber liability and privacy coverage.
  • Representing a technology company in an insurance coverage dispute relating to allegations of privacy violations.
  • Representing a global automotive manufacturer pursue insurance coverage for a recall.
  • Representing corporate clients in disputes that involve business interruption claims.
  • Conducting insurance coverage audits for corporate clients, including technology companies and international law firms.
  • Representing an international law firm in insurance coverage disputes relating to lawsuits and investigations involving allegations of malpractice and fraud.
  • Representing the lead plaintiffs in a certified national class action against a major life insurer accused of charging premiums in violation of the "vanishing premium" clause of its policies and imposing improper expense charges and cost-of-insurance deductions.
  • Representing hedge funds that invested in life insurance settlements on claims against insurers, other funds, other investors, and various professionals.
  • Representing corporate policyholders, including corporations in the automotive and industrial manufacturing industries, to secure insurance coverage for mass tort and other significant claims.
  • Serving as special insurance counsel to the claimants’ committee in a bankruptcy case filed by a manufacturer of asbestos-containing products.

  • Helping numerous Mississippi and Louisiana homeowners and small businesses recover from their insurers following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
  • Advising non-profit organizations regarding the placement of insurance coverage.
  • Drafting testimony presented to The United States House Financial Services Committee Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations on February 28, 2007 on behalf of aggrieved policyholders and public interest organizations in the Gulf Region outlining insurance-related problems following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
  • Drafting an insurance manual for the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless that discusses insurance-related issues involving natural and man-made disasters.