Blackwater successor Academi Training Center Inc. on Wednesday blasted whistleblowers alleging that it provided unqualified security guards in Iraq and Afghanistan, telling a Virginia federal judge it’s placed reasonable limits on discovery in the False Claims Act suit and that efforts to expand production are a “fishing expedition” to back unsupported accusations. Former marksmen Lyle Beauchamp and Warren Shepherd want the court to force Academi to hand over documents created after Aug. 7, 2011 — the date its contract with the U.S. Department of State expired — even though, the company said, later documents are far outside the suit’s accusations that Academi lied about firearms training and qualifications for State Department guards under that contract. Beauchamp and Shepherd are represented by William E. Copley, Susan M. Sajadi, Janet L. Goetz, Chadwick Mitchell Welch and William E. Jacobs of Weisbrod Matteis & Copley PLLC. You can read more about this lawsuit, and this important issue, on Law360’s website: