Carlos Del Valle


Carlos Del Valle

(787) 474-0244


  • Colgate University in New York
  • J.D. from George Washington University
  • University of the Basque Country in Spain

Bar Admissions

  • Puerto Rico

Carlos is a multifaceted counsel that has engaged in a variety of legal experiences as a professor, dean, lawyer, administrator, public servant and writer.

A graduate of Colgate University in New York, he received his J.D. from the George Washington University. After, he went on to Master Studies in philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York, received an Advanced Studies degree in the philosophy program from the University of the Basque Country in Spain. At present he is engaged there on his doctoral thesis, The Ontological Foundations of the Law: Truth, Justice, Being.

Carlos has historically been concerned with the use of the law as an agent of social transformation, being one of the founding professors of the Hostos School of Law in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, a law school with a communitarian bent attempting to incorporate students from less privileged contexts into the practice of law. He taught there and at other universities on and off since 1995, and was called to serve as the School´s dean during a challenging accreditation drive. He is well versed in heading an academic enterprise in the context of the working relationships with the municipal, executive, legislative and judicial bodies required for continuity.

Likewise, Carlos has ample experience in the practice of law, particularly in the civil rights field. He started out in the 1980s, with Lespier, Muñoz-Noya & Ramirez, and weaned himself on employment law, collective bargaining and litigation. In the 1990´s, at Ramírez & Ramírez, he shifted to a governmental practice focused on litigation and appellate practice for a law firm representing the Puerto Rico government in a variety of complex and challenging g governmental cases, such as the constitutionality of state laws, gasoline price control, cable-TV laws, first amendment challenges, and political discrimination claims.

Subsequently, on his own, Carlos served as special counsel for the Attorney General of the Puerto Rico Department of Justice, representing all agency heads from the Governor down in public policy cases. In said role, he directed the Civil Rights Legal Task Force, a special unit of 10 attorneys handling over 120 civil rights cases; and at one time or other served as lead counsel in all 8 institutional reform litigation: the police reform, the adult prison systems, juvenile corrections, the correctional health system, the psychiatric hospital, the forensic hospital, the mental retardation program, and the special education program. His specialty is making state institution that house a diversity of clienteles compliant with constitutional requirements, a function that, in addition to lawyering, requires a range of administrative competences, such as design of long-term planning, budget development, contracting support services, and the satisfaction of the clientele’s needs. Among his dearest achievements is working towards compliance in several of these institutional reform cases and being a signatory to the agreement for the reform of the police force, a covenant negotiated in 2012 between Puerto Rico and the United States.

In addition to being a veteran litigator, Carlos is perhaps the Puerto Rican attorney with most appeals briefed and/or argued before the First Circuit, with close to 100 published cases bearing his name on appeal. He has several publications, mostly on philosophical perspectives relating to the concept of justice. In 2014 Mr. Del Valle was named by the PR Governor, with the advice and consent of the Legislature, to preside the Access to Justice Foundation and to be a member of the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission, where he concentrated on oversight of the Police Reform. He’s a lifelong member of the PR Bar Association, and in different periods has been a member of the FBA and ABA.