Victims of the 2012 Super Storm Sandy, still fighting for resolution of their flood insurance claims from the federally-administered National Flood Insurance Program, told Breitbart News they were stunned to learn that an attorney once deemed by a judge to have “unquestionably engaged in sanctionable conduct” had a role at the 2016 National Flood Conference held in Washington May 15 to May 18. August “Augie” Matteis, an attorney at Weisbrod, Matteis & Copley, represents 1,300 homeowners hit by Sandy in their struggles with FEMA and the NFID. “After the Raimey v. Raisfeld v. Wright ruling, the judge hit the insurance company with a $1 million fine,” Matteis said. “Nielsen went back to Louisiana — leaving the Sandy claims scene altogether.” You can read more about this lawsuit, and this important issue, on Breitbart News Network’s website: