Insurance Policyholder Advocacy

Insurance Policyholder Advocacy

WMC’s insurance practice encompasses all aspects of insurance recovery, including insurance counseling, negotiating with insurers, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation. Our lawyers have represented policyholders in some of the biggest insurance coverage trials in the United States, and have helped clients obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance proceeds.

We handle all types of insurance matters, including general liability, directors and officers, errors and omissions, malpractice, property damage, business interruption, product recall, crime, and other specialized types of insurance. Our attorneys also have represented individuals and entities in disputes relating to life, health, and disability insurance. Our lawyers have represented clients in many industries, including food companies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, software companies, investment firms, hedge funds, banks, professional service firms, auto parts manufacturers, construction companies, not-for-profit organizations, and others.

We do not represent insurance companies.

Many corporate clients have hired our lawyers to review their insurance policies and indemnification agreements before insurance problems arise. We work with companies to identify and address significant risks, taking into account each client’s unique business needs and strategies. We consider the types of products and services the client provides. We work with the client to recognize potential sources of liability and contractual indemnification obligations. And then we evaluate potential avenues of recovery for the client in the event of a loss, including indemnification agreements, insurance coverage, and other types of compensation.

When risks actually become losses, our attorneys are skilled and experienced in helping clients recover what insurers have promised. Insurance policies are complicated contracts and insurers are often reluctant to make required payments. We help clients determine which of their losses are potentially covered under various policies. We then help them recover the insurance proceeds to which they are entitled, through negotiation, mediation, litigation and trial, as appropriate. More often than not, our lawyers have successfully obtained insurance proceeds for clients without initiating litigation. But when the insurers prove stubborn, as they often do, we are more than ready.