Insurance Litigation After Major Weather Events
We are one of the nation’s premier law firms for suing insurance companies that commit fraud, engage in bad faith practices and underpay insurance claims after major weather events. When homes and businesses are hit by devastating hurricanes, floods, tornados, hailstorms, earthquakes and other natural disasters, people often discover that their insurance companies fail to keep the promises they made when they signed their contracts and collected their premiums. Insurers often delay and deny claims rather than pay what is rightfully owed under their policies. We know how to make them pay. Our goal in every case is to get our clients what they are owed as quickly as possible so they can begin to rebuild their homes, businesses and lives. We work with the country’s top experts in the fields of meteorology, structural engineering, construction, and damage estimation in order to accurately recreate the destructive event and make a proper demand to ensure that our clients recover all of the proceeds due under their policies. If insurance companies refuse to pay our clients what they are owed, we take them to court and stand behind our clients all the way through trial. Our representations and results are unmatched:
  • We were the first firm in history to prove to a jury that a flood insurance company committed intentional fraud against the federal government in handling flood claims after Hurricane Katrina;
  • We were recently hired by the Mississippi Attorney General to bring an action against the largest property and casualty insurer in the country for illegally shifting losses from Hurricane Katrina wind damage onto the State; and
  • We currently represent over 1,000 homeowners and business owners whose property was damaged by Hurricane Sandy and who were underpaid by FEMA on their flood insurance claims.
Regardless of whether it’s a large business interruption claim for a Fortune 500 company or 1,000 individual homeowner claims after a hurricane, we find fee arrangements that work and use the same dogged and persistent approach to ensure that all of our clients maximize their insurance recoveries.