Complex Judgment Enforcement
Weisbrod Matteis & Copley is one of the nation’s premier law firms at recovering money for clients who have judgments against companies from China and other foreign jurisdictions that do not recognize U.S. judgments. While some other law firms claim that they can collect on such judgments, we have received national attention for succeeding. [see Corp Counsel, NLJ 10 Hottest, Washington Business story] Some of our recent matters include:
  • recovering nearly 90% of a $26 million judgment against tire companies from China and Dubai that stole intellectual property from a U.S. inventor;
  • recovering approximately 60% of a judgment against a manufacturer in China after a U.S. citizen was injured by an exploding wheelbarrow tire;
  • recovering approximately 60% of a judgment against a toy manufacturer in Hong Kong that failed to pay legal fees it incurred in the U.S.;
  • currently representing a company against a U.S. law firm that committed malpractice and is attempting to evade an $8 million judgment; and
  • currently representing a company against a Chinese manufacture that is trying to evade an $8 million judgment.
Our creative approach to difficult collection matters and our unwavering resolve to litigate until we prevail has proven to be a winning combination. Regardless of whether your company’s judgment is against a large foreign corporation or a domestic entity that simply refuses to pay, we are the right firm for the most difficult collection cases. In such cases, we frequently work on a contingent fee basis and get paid only if and when our client gets paid.